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We have mentioned many times without exacerbation that our graduates work in countries all over the world. Peter Kuczma conducts geodetic measurements for drilling platforms around the world and is a Surveying Technical High School graduate of Continuing Professional Development Centre in Rzeszów, Poland. If Romania or the United Kingdom does not sound exotically enough, then Ghana, Brunei, Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago or Curaçao does indeed. A list of visited countries by Peter is long and impressive! Therefore, surveying classes for our graduate in the school were not just temporary solution, but quickly became his passion and future profession. After graduating from Surveying Technical High School, he began his studies at AGH University of Science and Technology. He was fresh out of AGH when he moved to London for 4 years in order to participate in construction and modernization of the Underground as a survey engineer. Being qualified engineer, Peter actively participated in measurements associated with building objects surveying, subway lines staking and geodetic monitoring of displacements. Over the years, he admits that it was real university of life, practical training and opportunity for occupational language development. When contract has ended, he returned to Poland and continued his professional development at A4 motorway construction site between Jarosław and Radymno, where his main tasks included coordination and completion of cartographic documentation, communication with subcontractors and The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA). All in all, it was typical desk work.

In a next year, Peter received a job offer at sea and two weeks later was on an oil rig. When he acquired new skills and got familiar with different work standards, he switched into rotating shift system spending one month at work and following one at home. Market and industry specificity dictate terms and there is only one night very frequently to pack up and show up at work halfway across the world. Survey engineer specialized in geodetic measurements for drilling platforms is characterized by constant travelling and exploration of the most remote corners on Earth, like Ghana, Caribbean, Brunei, Romania and Norway…

Laser scanning and existing pipeline surveying constitute Peter’s main field of interests. Based on these data, new pipelines are planned (planning is in his responsibility as well). Moreover, advanced programs for scanning, modelling and staking, like AutoCAD or MicroStation are used on a daily basis by our graduate. Furthermore, Peter accepted my invitation and agreed to meet with our students in order to say few words about his profession. Unfortunately, lack of time and the COVID-19 pandemic stand in the way of our meeting. Hopefully, there will come a time when Peter will appear in Surveying Technical High School to share his experience with our students. “Study hard (you have great teachers), learn foreign languages and new computer programs! You can see on my example that profession can become not only passion, but also an excellent opportunity to discover the world and explore places beyond our wildest dreams!” he says to the adepts of surveying.

Please find attached photos of geodetic measurements for drilling platforms around the world.












Skaning laserowy



Other photos

I would like to thank our graduate for sharing materials and photos. Many of our graduates, like Peter remember about Surveying Technical High School and exchange thoughts about their professional and personal life with us regularly. Big thank you to all our students for that. Please remember – the doors of the school are always open for you!

Jerzy Moskal
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